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Beatrice Parvin


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Latest Release

Captain Swing and
the Blacksmith

In a world of relentless poverty and harsh punishment, 17-year-old Sue Trindall scratches a living selling buttons and dreams of a better future. When she is deceived by the dark charms of blacksmith Jack Straker, her life is torn apart and she is banished from her home. Sanctuary in the remote village of Imber gives an opportunity to seek retribution - but an enchanting pearl button twists her life on to a path she could not have imagined. Steeped in the rich lyricism and storytelling tradition of British folk songs, this haunting tale of love and tragedy is played out against the notorious Swing riots of 1830, when the quiet fields of England blazed with violence and fires in the night.

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Book and CD: £12.99
£9.99 + £3.00 P&P)

I’m fascinated by the world that you depict here, that of a rural nineteenth century character whose family has been buffeted by wider historical forces…the most impressive feat here is the musicality and lyricism of your language; which makes this a really poetic read.

Andrea Stuart, author of
‘Sugar in the Blood’

This is a remarkable debut novel, and I hope we shall see many more from this gifted author.

 Debbie Young, author of the Sophie Sayers Village Mystery Series

Praise & Reviews

Parvin’s debut novel, though driven by an obsessive love, is no romance; and while a character finds redemption, it is no parable. Rather, it is a portrait of a time. Evocative of a mean age, Captain Swing and the Blacksmith is both riveting and relevant. Recommended.

Rebecca Kightlinger, Historical Novels Review

The writing is deft and assured, the history, whether it is detail about how people lived or the impact of profound social changes, never gets in the way of the narrative. Indeed, although the book is quite long the plot is well paced without becoming breathless…

Naomi Clifford, author of ‘Women and the Gallows’

Engrossing, beautifully written, absorbing and in places, heartbreaking,  Captain Swing and the Blacksmith is a fabulous first novel, but in addition to this delightful (if haunting) story, the book is accompanied by  a CD which compliments the narrative in the  folksongs of the period. Both are a Diamond of a bargain!

Helen Hollick, Discovering Diamond Review

I so enjoyed the book and Sue’s tale…the writer kept me absolutely engrossed in her story and the historical detail and observation added to the realism and rawness in part.

Reader, Anonymous

Beatrice Parvin Captain Swing and the Blacksmith_2017_edited.jpg

About Beatrice Parvin

Beatrice Parvin has spent her time, ever since she can remember, creating stories. She is a committed daydreamer and a believer that writing the past questions the present. How buildings hold memory, our relationship to space and time and the influence of ancestors, conscious and unconscious, inspire her writing.

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