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‘When you learn, teach. When you get, give.’ Maya Angelou

I graduated from Kingston University with a distinction in Creative Writing and a PG Cert in Learning and Teaching, in 2015. Since then I have taught English to every age group. I believe that regardless of the subject, building self-esteem is a vital contribution to learning. I take enjoyment from focusing on a student’s strengths and seeing them develop the confidence to push to new levels of achievement.


English Literature GCSE asks for the ability to examine themes and ideas in prose, play and poetry, then to present them in a structured and cohesive form. This takes patience and involves close reading. If reading is not a top pursuit, a tutor will be able to teach how to break down a text thematically, extract relevant quotes and structure practice exam questions.

English Language GCSE requires a critical eye in order to analyse language technique and structure. It also asks students to use a very different part of the brain - imagination! English Language has a creative writing component and for students who find this difficult, writing an article or short story in a timed environment can be hugely taxing. In both papers, this element constitutes 50% of the total mark. Everyone can write a story - it’s just that no one has shown them how.


‘Fantastic and really helpful tutor! Sam is getting on very well with Beatrice’s tutoring style and isalways very positive after his lessons which makes me happy. The lessons are full of quality teaching and I really appreciate that Sam has progressed in his English grades from average to excellent within seven months of Beatrice’s tutoring. We appreciate all Beatrice’s work and help. THANK YOU.’ Dereje

'Beatrice is a great teacher.  She knows how to engage with children in an effective manner and be able to hold their attention.  She provided good resources for GCSE.  It was very easy to talk to her about any issues.' Bijal Patel

‘Beatrice has been tutoring our daughter online, who is about to go into Year 11, for 6 months in English Literature and Language. Our daughter finds her helpful and organised (her words) and feels she did better in her Year 10 exams as a result. We all feel that Beatrice has formed an appreciation of how best to help our daughter in subjects where we are not so sure how to help ourselves.’ Vanessa Marrison

'I would like to thank you for all you have done. You have increased James' confidence
and knowledge markedly. Thank you so much. You are a great teacher.'
Anne Pauleau


The leap from GCSE to A Level can be daunting. A deeper understanding of contextual influences and historical movements in literature is necessary in order to give competent and incisive answers. In addition, students tend to struggle with structure in longer essays, which is often a focus in A Level tuition.

Over the past years I have enjoyed taking students through the dazzling stars of English Literature: Atwood, Fitzgerald, Hardy, Sassoon, Williams, Barker and many more. The anthology, Love through the Ages, is a brilliant medley of poetry accompanied by a choice of novels, revealing the changing mores of desire, sexuality, gender and language. Othello tackles notions of race that challenge discourse today. Providing students with one-on-one sessions and the space to discuss their reactions to historical and contemporary texts is both exciting and rewarding.

‘A great tutor, clear, knowledgeable and always prepared in advance for the lesson. She is approachable and helpful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for an English Literature tutor.’ Joshua Ashitey


Teaching English as a foreign language is a pleasure and an honour. I am fascinated by the differences between languages and cultures and love teaching English through history, geography and literature. My favourite introductory lesson involves asking students to read a Shakespeare sonnet - you may as well start with the master! Studying the rhythm and musicality of English aids understanding and pronunciation. Combined with the hard graft of grammar rules, learning a language is also learning a culture. Through idiom, phrasal verbs and the frustrating anomalies in English spelling, students not only improve but also appreciate the playfulness and variety of expression possible in the English language.

I have also taught:

EAL, IELTS, A Level English Language, Creative Writing, Historical Fiction and undergraduate level.

‘Thank you for your kind help with my dissertation for an honours degree in a science based subject …It was a make or break situation, English not being my mother tongue. After a few sessions with you, I gained another 10 per cent, which was very valuable. Although you did not have experience in the subject matter I was studying, you understood immediately what was required and delivered.  Your adaptability to my timetable was greatly appreciated and your encouragement and advice helped me along when I was struggling.’ Iona Slattery  

I chose to learn English with Beatrice without knowing too much about her. I am really glad that we had the opportunity to study together. She is a wonderful professional who thoroughly explains everything. Whenever I had questions, she was very useful and helpful. I recommend her with all my heart. Thank you again for all your help and support.' Florina Sorescu

'Beatrice is an excellent English teacher who helped me to recreate and tell my untold stories. I highly recommend her if you would like to write your memoirs and gain confidence in this creative process.' Lily Levy


Before I taught English, I was a teacher of dance for many years. The most important learning tool I discovered was repetition. If you repeat a movement over and over again, you will eventually do it well as your muscles will never forget. The same happens when we learn to talk - through constant repetition and mistakes we learn how to speak our mother tongue and once we have learned to use a word countless times we never forget its meaning. If you apply the rule of repetition to English exams you will succeed. Write sample exam answers, edit, rewrite then REPEAT the process.

‘I found Bea's class truly enjoyable and inspirational. She is a great teacher. The way she relateso participants made me feel welcome and comfortable. Basic movements and routines were made accessible through clear instructions and demonstration. Being in her class has reminded me of the importance of developing core strength and awareness, as I find these provide a deeper grounding and flexibility in my daily experience for both, body and mind. I strongly recommend her teachings.’ Alo Ratopoulos

‘Learning how to belly dance with Bea is an art form in itself.  Whilst she embraces her sheer passion for the dance, her instruction is thorough and clear, as is her individual attention to each dancer to help them improve upon their own skills.  We've learned so much about the dance across various styles and have enjoyed the journey of learning about our bodies, music and culture.’ Ani Tzertakian

‘It was the only hour in the week which I set aside from the rest of the world. The controlled laziness of the dance moves makes you aware of each tier of your body and everything is fun to learn. A tension releasing workout combined with a hugely uplifting experience.’ 
Sabrina Stevenson

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