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When Songs Collide 2

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

More plots from vengeful sweethearts and moonlight shenanigans…this is a first draft from student Georgia Lewis…who has caught the rhythm and pulse of ‘Rockley Firs’ – a fantastic song that I can’t wait to sing in May.

‘The air was crisp and cold in Rockley Firs, awash with the bright light from moon and stars. That was the night, when they came to search for me. Catching sight of their bright uniforms, I held my breath and ran. Crouched over, doubled, silently creeping from bush to tree, till finally I was free from the thicket and took refuge in the tavern that lay at the foot of the gully. I hid amongst the loud cheers and jeers from locals drinking that Saturday night and called for a bottle to quaff and to add to my disguise a pipe to smoke. But alas, I had not noticed that they’d seen me all along and with a warrant from the parish they brought me in to be confined in Cole’s Kitchen.

The day tired as empty threats were flung from Hanks the gamekeeper, “but I saw you there, with my own eyes!”

“It’s not me you saw but a shadow passing by,” I returned triumphantly.

The jury, clearly grappling in their irksome way to pin the blame, were unable to find fault with me. Defeated in their hungry ploy to transport another they sentenced me with a caution and a quarter dozen months confinement.

Elated at the pleasant news, I skipped past the defeated Hanks and sighed “Maybe next time, dear old chap!” And with that I donned my cap – “No ship nor boat nor sailing vessel shall take these boots to far off lands”. I marched off down the darkened tunnel to where the swinging gates and scraping doors, coughs and cries dimmed the spirits of every new arrival.’

Story inspired from ‘Georgie Barnell’ …

‘When I was a little girl, not much over the age of sweet 16, all on a summers day I was caught by the fairest man my eyes had ever seen – his name was Blacky-Grey. He had strong arms and thick set thighs, and when he caught my gaze, I saw such passion in his eyes. We lay amongst the golden grain, till the last rays of sun cast shadows from the pines. But what happened in the weeks to come I could never forgive what Mr Triles had done.

The local lads went out to hunt the roving hare and dum pheasant. Why Blacky-Grey thought I’d be impressed, well it makes my bleeding heart pain. All I can say is the very next day, they caught and charged all six lads for illegally poaching on Mr Triles’ land.

I was sick with anger and rage to hear of their outlandish sentence to be transported to Australia never to be seen again. I was powerless. I was helpless. But little did I know that I was not yet finished and would yet serve my own sentence all for the charges made by Mr Triles.

Months passed on, and I grew sick, my stomach ached and no food was kept. It was painful to see that I, without a husband present to marry, had fallen. I was heavy with child and faced a now bleak and destitute life ahead. So angered was I that a woman could be cast and left aside by her community that my idle mind turned to plot revenge…’

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